“The Urban Trinity” came together at Balham Baptist Church for a meeting to hear about the work of Wandsworth Street Pastors and see how churches can get involved. We were glad to welcome Councillor Jim Maddan from Wandsworth council, Inspector James Ellis from Battersea Police and Rev Les Isaac OBE from Ascension Trust. The evening started with Pizza, Salad and refreshments before we gathered together in the main church. We started proceedings with a short Dvd about Wandsworth Street Pastors, which many of you will be familiar with and some of you star in. We went round the room introducing who we are and where we come from and then heard from our speakers. Councillor Jim talked about the importance of volunteering in our communities and cited Street Pastors as a great example of this. Inspector Ellis talked about a new model of policing the streets which will go live on Monday 16th September. It will mean that we can have a closer connection to Police on patrol on the nights when we patrol. Finally Rev Les Isaac shared some stories about the impact of Christians meeting people on the streets up and down the country. He also challenged everyone present to think about committing themselves to get involved and appealed particularly for people to join our management committee. We had two impromptu but impressive speakers at the very end of the evening. Jane Ellison MP for Balham, Putney and Wandsworth joined us and shared about her memories of Wandsworth Street Pastors beginnings and spoke in support of what we do and Fosuah Poku from the Balham team retold the story of a person who vowed they would never become a street Pastor and now is blazing a trail for Wandsworth Street Pastors, Senior Pastor Wayne McIntosh. She appealed to everyone to think about becoming a street pastor even if like Wayne their initial reaction is “no, not me!” We are very grateful to all who shared both from the front and through individual conversations throughout the evening. Every person who came to the event signed up for something connected to Wandsworth Street Pastors ranging from joining the management committee, and becoming a street Pastor to receiving prayer emails. We look forward to building on these relationships in the coming weeks and months ahead.