On a very wet and windy Friday 13th September the Balham team met at the earlier time of 7 30 pm to Patrol. Unfortunately one of team got stuck in traffic on his way from working out of London so we were 3 for the night! We decided to go ahead and still meet with the Police on their Operation Condor evening, but treat the evening as an opportunity to see if Putney high Street might be a suitable place to patrol. The rain never ceased and this had an impact on the amount of people milling around the streets, however, in spite of this the High Street was busy with all the pubs and restaurants vibrant and full of customers. We connected with Sergeant Barry, the PC responsible for the operation in Putney and we exchanged numbers and he offered us support should we need it. Another Officer approached us outside the Police station and encouraged us saying “You guys do a great job!” a nice bit of praise on a very wet night. So what did we learn? Putney High Street is a lively hub on a Friday night and it was clear that there is a need there for a patrol. It was also good to see the reaction of the Police to working a bit closer to us and they were very keen to continue this into the future.