This was Battersea Police Station’s last hurrah before the shutters came down for good the next day (today). I attended to represent Wandsworth Street Pastors and I was very thankful to Inspector James Ellis for providing us with our own room to profile our work and even recruit more Street Pastors. In the police court-yard there was a lot going on with various stalls and activities, ranging from fighting the riot Police with their own batons to having your picture taken with “Bobby’s” from the good-old days and vintage police cars. It was a very useful day for networking and re-establishing old links. I met with a number of Police Officers who are responsible for managing the ward patrols in the areas where our teams go out. This is very useful as it enables us to have direct contact with each other when we are patrolling on the same night. Several officers also shared their keenness to work together on a number of operations coming up so watch this space… It was also good to meet Paul McGregor the current Acting Borough Commander and he is a great support of our work and has come from a working relationship with the Kingston Street Pastors. The day was also hugely beneficial to meet with ordinary people who wanted to hear about what we do. I was grateful to have the support of Victoria Adejobi (Balham Team) and Madeleine Theobald (Lambeth SP’s) and together we enthused about Street Pastors work and gave out a number of application forms to potential future Street Pastors. At the end of the day I also bumped into the deputy head of Southfields College. Our Wandsworth Town team run a day time patrol outside his school and he spoke of his enthusiasm about our involvement in his school. It was also good to get a couple of upcoming school events in the diary and assure him of our commitment. A memorable farewell to Battersea Police Station.