We met at Balham Baptist at 10pm to pray for the night ahead. Anthony Banton, Chris Rasiah and myself. We didn’t have enough Street Pastors to cover the busy high Street of Putney or Clapham but we agreed we could join up with the FAST team to run a patrol on the Patmore Estate in Battersea. The Fast team also had some absences but Kerry Aspin the leader was there and we set off out on a showery and cold night. It was interesting that despite the weather there were quite a few people out and about. As we travelled towards the Wandsworth Road end of the estate, a number of Police Vans and cars sailed passed us and back to the general vicinity of Fast’s Office from where we set out. We decided to head in that direction to see what was happening and see whether we could help. It appeared that a call had been made from a residence and a number of police officers ran across the 2nd floor balcony and in to a flat. Everything was under control so we stayed to offer up a quick prayer and then moved on. Kerry took us to the R.O.S.E community centre, where the FAST project is hopeful it may be able to base itself. This would give the young people on the estate a place to meet together and run various clubs and activities. Anthony realised that he had grown up in the flats opposite on the Savona Estate. We offered up a prayer for the property and for FAST to be able to negotiate using it. We continued on our way heading back towards FAST’s office when a couple of young people who were chatting outside a property shouted “What! Street Pastors on The Patmore” As we got nearer Anthony realised he knew the girl, she was his Goddaughter. We explained what we were doing and Kerry introduced herself and explained about her project. Anthony had dedicated his Goddaughter in a service himself when she was 2 years old. Both her and her friend go to a local Church nearby. After a bit of reminiscing we said our goodbyes and carried on our way back to the FAST Office. We talked about the value of patrolling the estate now and gradually getting to know it and known by it, as in the summer there will be a lot more activity and people out and about to interact with. Kerry shared how she will be having an interview to get a flat on the Patmore which would enable her to do her work in a much more effective way and she explained that the Surgery where the FAST office is based is in danger of closing due to a lack of funding. We offered up prayers for these things and then went on our way.