We met at Ram Street, Salvation Army, Janice Dodds, Libby Spurrier and myself David Pollendine. It was great to be joined by our prayer paster Dave Kemp who sent us off with prayer and stayed at Ram Street to pray for our patrol while we were gone. We made our way to the bus stop outside Southfields Acadamy via King Georges Park. Children gathered at the bus stop as usual but not in such great numbers and the normal rush to get onto the buses was not as congested or hectic. It sees that more and more children use the park exit to get to Wandsworth rather than catch the bus. There had been an accident locally involving an arctic lorry so buses were also being diverted. As usual a member for the behavourial Mangement team was on hand to tell children about the traffic situation and PC Terry Thomas, the school Policeman. Terry explained that he will be taking a 3 year break from Policing from April, so a new Policeman will be assigned to the school. We have built up a good relationship with Terry and we wished him well for the future as we said goodbye. As Mums with push-chairs and elderly people passed we kept an eye open to make sure they could pass by without obstruction. At 3:30pm we made our way back to Ram Street via the park and the Southside Shopping Centre. We chatted with the sellers on a cake stall who I knew in the middle of the concourse. Janice has a special interest in cakes as she used to work for many years in the cake industry decorating wedding cakes so she had a good insepction of all the cakes on offer. As we arrived back at Ram Street David Kemp was there waiting to welcome us back. We said a quick prayer of thanks for the patrol and for the people we met and chatted with. We are hopefull that we will be again be able to patrol next Wednesday as well.