waynethreeA team of four of us, Wayne McIntosh, Bill Travers, Janice Dodds and myself David Pollendine met at Ram Street as we prepared to go out on patrol. Wayne and I had led an assembly for year 9 yesterday at Southfields Academy so we were interested to see how many children might come up to us and say hello. We walked through St Georges Park to the bus stop outside Southfields Academy. We had managed to get there a bit earlier than normal so we extended our walk until children started to come to the bus stop. It was much quieter today than normal so we didn’t have any congestion with children trying to force their way onto the bus and the pavement was relatively clear for passer byes. At one point a lady who was using a walking aid was trying to race to get to the bus. Janice saw the dilemma and quickly went to the bus and held it for her until she could get on. We made our way towards the school when we heard a loud: “Hello Street Pastors.” A small group of year 4 boys made themselves known and said they remembered us from the assembly. We chatted for a bit and then moved on. As we walked into King Georges Park a group of girls, also remembering yesterday I suspect gave us a smile as we passed by. We continued our patrol through the park and the Southside shopping centre and back to Ram Street. It was a quieter than usual patrol but we were encouraged by the few interactions we had and we look forward to connecting with the school perhaps in other ways after Easter.