the girls 2the girls 1The Wandsworth Town patrol met up at Ram Street at 2pm, Janice Dodds, Felicity Frankland, David Pollendine and Rez Yousef. It was great to welcome Rez as a new member of the team who was making her very first patrol. The weather was lovely and we had to scramble for our thin coats as opposed to the bulky thick ones. We walked through St Georges Park to the bus stop outside Southfields Academy. As we stood waiting for the children a man passed us with a white stick who was having trouble finding the Barbers. We helped him on his way, by orientating him as to where he was and counted how many more roads he needed to cross. Without much warning it seemed the bus stop filled up quite quickly with Southfields Academy pupils. Janice was quick to help a lady with a child pass through a sea of children’s bodies who were, not deliberately obstructing the path but were blissfully unaware of someone trying to get through. As the bus stopped and opened its doors a crush ensued with everyone trying to get on at once. The behavioural team from the school were not present today so we were the only adults there to help. It was clear that members of the public were being pushed out of the way by the swell of children and they were not getting on the bus. As the next bus came we took a bit more of a hands on approach to make sure that anyone not from the school who wanted to board got on the bus. We chatted with one lady who had unsuccessfully tried to board two buses. She was a little dismayed at the way the children were pushing to get on the bus and told us she had gone to the same school as a girl but said that children then would not have done this!! We listened to her and made sure she got onto the next bus that came. As the children dissipated, we continued our patrol back through King Georges Park and through Southside Shopping Centre. We stopped to chat with Amie, working on the Southside Cake stall before returning back to the Salvation Army in Ram Street.