larch est20140508_233233On Friday night we met outside Balham Baptist church, Chris Rasiah, Veronica Hollingsworth, Felicity Frankland and myself David Pollendine. We decided to patrol in Balham and finish a bit earlier as both Chris and Veronica were doing the Street Pastors training in the morning. We walked past the Bedford pub and along the road to the Larch estate. We stood and prayed for the residents on the estate and for young people in the area. We walked from the Larch estate towards Clapham South and it was noticeable that Balham was busier than normal. We saw a few new bars and exchanged a few friendly words with people drinking on the street as we passed. Chris and Veronica passed what we though was an incident in a Kebab restaurant, but it turned out that they were all just there getting a Kebab having travelled from patrolling in Lambeth. We stopped outside Clapham South tube and prayed for the commuters who were coming out of the tube before turning round and heading back to Balham Baptist Church. We all agreed that is was good to focus our efforts on Balham for a change and we saw the possibility of making good connections with the bouncers and owners of the bars and restaurants in Balham.