3 amigosrecessWe met at St Marys Church, Putney around 4 30pm with the hope of patrolling, but unfortunately there were not enough of us to run a patrol. Bill Travers and myself (David Pollendine) were present there as Street Pastors and David Adamson the Pastoral Assistant from St Marys Church. We decided that we would still go for a walk as it would be a useful chance to see how the fans coming out of the ground affect Putney. We walked half way along Putney Bridge and stood in a recess. The fans started to trickle out from around 4 45pm and within a short time the bridge was completely packed on both sides with a mix of Fulham and Crystal Palace fans. We decided to walk with the fans back to Putney high street and we walked along the street to get a feel for where the fans went. It seemed that most headed for the Putney British rail but a number of Palace fans headed to a few pubs along the high street as well as the Boathouse next to the river. There was a lot of traffic with people trying to cross the roads, which I expect is more of an issue after the game than before. It was also interesting to see a number of local shoppers and residents trying to negotiate the crowded streets to go on their way. We came back to the Church for 6pm and although the streets were quieter the pubs were much busier. It was a really useful chance to see how things look in Putney on a match day and we hope to inspire local churches in the months ahead to get behind Fulham match day patrols.