20140520_14250020140520_160102_1We met at Ram Street to pray before we went out on patrol, Wayne McIntosh, Rez Yousef, Bill Travers and David Pollendine. We walked through Southside Shopping Centre and across King Georges Park before coming to Southfields Academy. The bus stop was not too busy but the pupils that started to build up on the pavement were a little rowdier than normal. There was a lot of pushing and general messing about before two boys were locked together falling back onto the shop window. It was clear that things had boiled over and a mess around fight had turned into something real. We stepped in at that point and with the help of some of their friends separated the two boys. One boy helped diffuse the atmosphere further by joking that if he got knocked down he would be alright because the Street Pastors would help him back up. We stayed by the shop-front until a bus came and everyone got on. Some other boys then began to ride on a trolley which was pushed towards the road. We decided to intervene by moving the trolley back to its place outside the news agents. Once the bus stop had cleared we made our way back through park and Southside shopping centre. Two girls approached us and asked us what a street pastor was. We deliberated over how to say the word “Pastor”, as one girl was from Birmingham. In trying to work this out the light went on and they realised the connection to a “Church Pastor”. We got back to Ram Street for about 4 pm to debrief, pray and go on our way.