The Meeting was held at St Mary’s Church on the 28th of August at 7pm.
The meeting was opened by Wayne McIntosh who briefly explained the aim of the meeting which was to explain the ambition initiate a Street pastor initiative in Putney to patrol the high street while Fulham football club play at home which creates a huge volume of people in the Putney area.
It was also noted that Wandsworth Street Pastors had started a School Pastors initiative in Southfields Academy which was also keen to recruit volunteers.
Paul Jacobs who is a leading Street Pastor Coordinator with nine years’ experience spoke of his work in Borough of Kingston and the relationship with Street Pastors and the police and the way they complement each other in their work.
We were privileged to have Justine Greening MP for Putney in attendance who spoke of the work that Street Pastors have done in Battersea (the Patmore Estate) and was keen to see this work duplicated in Putney. She was keen to pledge her support to Street Pastors and to the project.
David Anderson, a local student rector in St Marys Church spoke of the occasion when he and the David Pollendine walked the area where the planned patrol would happen and spoke of the volume of people numbering in the thousands who were in the area.
PC Andy Bott was also in attendance and though he felt alot of the ground he would speak on was covered spoke of the way in which Street Pastors could work in tandem with the police dealing with minor infringements while they could deal with more major issues.
Though we were few in number the meeting was incredibly positive and those in attendance were keen to have Street Pastors come to their local church to speak on the matter further.
If you are a resident of Putney or involved in a church in this area, I would be happy to come to your church to come and promote the venture. Please contact Wandsworth Street Pastors on to discuss the matter further.