The Balham Team met at Balham Baptist Church at 10pm on the 12th of September. The team consisted of 5 Street Pastors and was joined for Prayer by Victoria Ajedobi who is unable to patrol with us but was happy to come and pray with the team.
Athelia Martins, Rez Yousef, Felicity Franklin, Veronica Holdsworth and Wayne McIntosh. Left the Church at 11.15 to begin the patrol.
The Streets of Balham were quiet many of the doormen we met spoke of how quiet it was. Business in the night time economy was slow after the summer break and the doormen were glad of it.
The team patrolled along Balham High road before heading down Bedford hill toward the larch close estate where we had experienced problems with the youth playing violent games in the past.
We were amazed to find the estate perfectly peaceful. Having personally spoken to a resident of the area a few days later I learned that the area had become a lot more peaceful after the recent instalment of a CCTV camera in the estate. The team were thankful for the peace.
As we left the estate we were met by two young Irish girls who were making their way home. They had recently bought some takeaway food but could not consume it all. They were kind enough to offer it to us to see if we could find anyone else who would want it. We thanked them for their kindness and tried to locate a homeless man who Felicity had seen earlier that day, we were unable to locate him.
As we made our way back up Balham High road we were met by a young man and woman who were from a Seventh Day Advent ice background who spoke of their love for Jesus and asked us as to why we were Christians. We explained about ourselves and after exchanging a few words encouraged them to stay safe. The young man had obviously been drinking but the young lady who was the designated driver was sober and they were with a larger group of people who we did not meet.
We ended our patrol with a brief visit to the Lochinvar estate where there was a party but again was quite peaceful. We were restricted on the amount of time we could spend there because a team member needed to catch the last train home.
The rest of the team returned to the church and the patrol ended at around 1:15.