As part of our soft launch of Wandsworth Schools Pastors, a team of 3 went in to Southfield’s Academy this morning. Veronica Hollingsworh (not Holdsworth), David Wilson and Wayne McIntosh went into the school on Monday 22nd of September. There had been many changes to the school’s outdoor areas during the summer and work was still ongoing.
Veronica had some interesting conversations, one with a young lady who was new to the school and was struggling with English having just coming to this country from France. Veronica was able to re-assure her and give her some encouragement to take her time to learn.
Veronica also spoke to a young lady who was concerned that she may be excluded from the school because she had been late on a number of occasions. Veronica was able to speak to her friends and asked them to call her in the mornings to make sure she was up on time.
Many of the children were happy to play sports during their break and enjoy the free time.
Larry was happy to see us back and told us of the schools anti bulling campaign which he asked us to encourage and said we would speak more about next week when we come in.
All in all we all felt it was a positive experience and it was good to be back after the summer break.