On a rainy Monday morning the whole team were met by challenges with the transport system and we all arrived late.
However on arrival we all set to work at building relations with the school.
Wayne spoke to two teachers to try to develop an understanding of what exactly we were here to do. Both were on playground monitoring duties and were suffering a little in the cold but were in agreement with what we were doing.
Athelia and Victoria worked together and struggled to have conversations with some very shy students as Veronica with her infectious personality managed to get alongside some six formers despite arriving just before the break was due to finish.
Larry Davis (School Deputy Head) spoke to us about the schools Harvest Thanksgiving Service on the 8th of October which a we plan to attend (watch this space for the report).
Next week the school will also start its anti-bullying campaign in which we have been encouraged by Larry to take an active part in. We will be working alongside a team of Six formers and to promote the schools zero tolerance policy in bullying. There is very little reported bullying within the school so we hope this campaign will help to further this cause and to break down barriers to form stronger School Pastor/Student relationships.