2014-10-08 09.28.20A team of Three Street Pastors went into Southfields Academy to help the school with their annual Harvest Thanksgiving service. It was a very early patrol for the team as we had to be at the school for 8:15 am, so the team consisting of Victoria Adejobi, Athelia Martin and Wayne McIntosh set out from Clapham South at around 7:15am.
We arrived at the school in time for the year 7 assembly and assisted in patrolling the route from the school to St Bartholomew’s Church some 200 yards down the road. The Staff and the Student were very appreciative of our work. The School children sang a song while two students did solo singing performances. The soloists gave outstanding vocal performances.

Reverend Ian Tattum gave an address on the origins of Harvest and spoke of the relevance of the gifts the students had brought.
The team was also privileged to meet Constable Farr who is responsible for patrolling around the schools for truants as well as in the nearby Southside shopping complex. The ladies managed to grab a photo opportunity with the Constable.
All in all it was a very good morning in which the team went further to build relationships with the school and the local community as we look forward to the commencement of the anti-bulling campaign which the school is commencing on Monday the 13th of October.