The team met a Balham Baptist Church at 10pm to patrol around Balham. The team consisted of David Wilson, Athelia Martin, Veronica Hollingsworth, Wayne McIntosh and Victoria Adejobi who joined us for prayer.
Balham High road was once again a very quiet place so as a change of empha2014-10-11 01.15.11sis the team went to estates around Balham. On passing the Bedford Pub on Bedford Hill we encountered a young man named Sam who was very complementary of our work. He encountered Street Pastors while studying in Southampton and had lost count of the number of times SP’s had helped him home after a drunken night, he once tried to give us some money towards our work but we refused. He made sure he gave every team member a hug before we departed. We also met a young lady named Sonia who enquired about Street Pastor sandals. She was sensible enough to have her own sandals to wear when her high heels got too much for her. She enquired as to which church we belonged to and mentioned that she had been to Balham Baptist Church.
We visited five estates in the Balham area which were all very quiet. The most activity we saw was a number of bicycles chained to a fence near a block a flats which suggested that there were some young people around possibly staying at a friend’s house until the late evening.
The doormen in the area reported a quiet night once again and the patrol ended at around 2am with a walk to Balham Hill, a young man had mentioned via Facebook that he has not seen us on Balham hill for many years so the team went there before departing to their homes.