A team of three were keen to get back into Southfields Academy after the half term break. Veronica, and Wayne were happy to be joined by Joy Boyce who is a curate at St Barnabus Church which is a local church in Southfields and is keen to become a Schools Pastor. We were also happy to meet six form students who were happy to promote the schools anti-bullying campaign. Although the promotional material had not yet arrived we were still able to promote the message of anti-bullying among the students. The students were mixed in their reaction to us with some very reserved in their response to other who were keen to get involved in the campaign. A young six former named Amanda told us that there was little bullying in the school but if it did occur it happened in the year nine age group (13’s to 14’s).
Veronica was able to meet with the young lady who had problems with the punctuality and was able to encourage her in that was well as get involved with other students in her usual infectious way.Anti-Bully1