2014-11-15 00.39.26A team of Six Street Pastors met at Balham Baptist Church at 10pm on Friday the 14th. The team consisted of Anthony Banton, Athelia Martin, Felicity Franklyn, Veronica Hollingsworth Rez Mani and Wayne McIntosh. Earlier that day Wayne had met with PC James Ellis at Lavender Hill Station.
The team were advised of a few initiatives that the Police were keen to pursue including connecting with Street Pastors as the police engaged in a ward patrol of the Balham area. We were also advised of some anti-social behaviour in the Clapham South area so we were keen to look closely at this part of Balham.
As we arrived at the Station we were had a number of people within the station approaching us including the Station Staff who enquired as to who we were. When he learned we were Street Pastors he was keen to affirm our work. We were also given a vote of confidence and a thumbs up from a taxi driver.
We had two groups of individuals asking us for directions. One lady who asked for directions we were not able to help and two French ladies who we were able to direct to a nearby hotel. There were three young men who were familiar with Street Pastors from Kingston who we gave water to as well as some lollypops who also praised our work.
Before we made our way back into the heart of Balham we met with the two ward police and managed to get a photo with them as requested by PC James Ellis of Lavender hill police Station. We had hoped to patrol around the Bedford Hill area but the team were tired and as not to burden the weary any further we abandoned the patrol at around 1:30am. All in all the patrol was a very positive one and although not too eventful in terms of anti-social incidents, one in which we were able to interact with many people.