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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Last Visit of 2014 to Southfields Academy.

Athelia, Veronica and Wayne entered the School at 10:15 to commence our work at 10:30 From previous weeks we had observed that the school were engaged in an entrepreneurial project for the students where they were encouraged to form a group of five and be mentored by the school to put together an entrepreneurial venture. […]

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Balham Patrol 12 December 2014.

The Balham Team met for a Street Pastors Social early on Friday evening before going out onto the Streets of Balham later at around 11pm. The team consisted of 5 Street Pastors. Anthony, Veronica, Felicity, Rez and Wayne. The team started by going towards the Bedford Hill area of Balham. We stopped briefly at the […]

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Southfields Academy 8/12/2014.

A team of three were in Southfields this morning as part of our ongoing Schools Pastors work. Veronica, Athelia and Wayne went into the school. Some of the Students are still a little shy towards us but we continue to build good relationships and some are even keen to look out for us on our […]

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Southfields Acadmey 1/12/2014.

The team met at Southfields Academy at 10:30am as usual. The team consisted of Atheila, Veronica and Wayne. As we entered the school we discovered that the school mentor was promoting an Enterprise Challenge which encourages entrepreneurship amongst students. The School had won the award in the past in 2012 but has wants to get […]

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