2014-12-08 10.12.55A team of four went into Southfields Academy this morning as part of our Schools work.
Victoria (back from her holiday), Athelia, Fosuah and Wayne were in the Academy for the morning break time. Fosuah had some interesting conversations with some young girls in year 7 who were about to have a PSE lesson tackling subjects like Human relations and Homophobia. These issues gave Fosuah a good opportunity to interact with these young ladies. She also had an interaction with two young men who were engaging with each other quite violently, she was able to remind them of their responsibility to conduct themselves properly in school.
Athelia and Victoria met with Sana and Antul (I hope I have these spellings right) who are the year 11 girls who have been keen to work alongside us on the anti-bullying campaign. They had a nice mutual discussion about cultural and religious issues and then we told them that we will be conducting assembly’s in the Academy during the week of the 19th to the 23rd this month and it would be great if they could make the students who we have not yet met who are part of the anti-bullying campaign aware of the assembly’s so we can present a united front to the school.
Veronica, one of our team members, has transportation problems and did not make it until much later when we were about to leave but the morning was very positive and we all had a good time.