IMG00054-20150119-0841Two Street Pastors met at 8am in Southfields Academy to commence a week of Assembly’s in the School. This was an excellent opportunity for the work to be spread amongst the whole of the school and not just individual groups of students; it also gave some of the staff a chance to be more familiar with us also. The Assembly went well and it was a help in the playground as at least one year group are now more familiar with us. We were given the use of an anti-bullying banner (see picture) to advertise our work.
The School seemed quieter than usual as many students were preparing for exams. The cold weather may have been another factor as to why the school playground seemed quieter than usual was the cold weather but this soon changed as the sun came out.
Veronica was hard at work as usual making good links with the students while Wayne made good contacts with the year 11 students who we partner on the schools anti bullying campaign, This was good because the team are due to do an assembly with the year 11’s on Tuesday so we can make ourselves familiar to all of the students on the project and not just to the few we have managed to contact so far.
All in all it was another positive morning and we were pleased to make stronger contacts with the whole school through the assembly’s as well as what we do in the playground.