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Return to Southfields Academy After Half Term Break

IMG_20150302_105238On a sunny but cold spring term morning the team returned to Southfields Academy. Due to illness and team commitments we were unable to attend the school last week. We returned with a team of three. Athelia, Fosuah and Wayne were there.
The School was quiet and there were not many students in the playground. A cold wind made the weather seem colder that the temperature gage said. Athelia was out speaking to some students who were in playful mood. It was good to see them in high spirits.
Fosuah spoke to some young girls in the girls only section of the school. She met a young boy there who may have been the victim of bullying as he seemed to be hiding in this section of the school. We will see in future weeks if this is the case and try to advise the young man how he can best seek help if this is indeed the case.
Wayne met with the members of the Anti-bullying team who unfortunately missed us last week but we reassured them and spoke of Mr Davis wish for us to review the schools anti-bullying policy. We will discuss more in future weeks.
Wayne also spoke to two boys from year 11 as it was noted that the anti-bullying club membership is largely female. They could not answer why this was but were not experiencing bullying themselves.
All in all it was a good morning despite the cold and we were pleased to be back.

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