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Southfields Academy 9th March 2015.

IMG_20150309_112019Athelia and Wayne went into Southfields Academy today to be greeted by two of our faithful members of the anti-bullying club who brought a friend who was interested in the club and asked a lot of questions about our work. We spoke to some teachers in the school about our work who were interested in what we were doing and commended us for it. There were also two young men who said that they had witnessed a younger boy in the school being bullied by a few older boys on the way home on the bus. We encouraged him to report the incident to the school and said he would be a great student to have in the anti-bullying club, the club has a shortage of boys at present.
As a team we have been busy visiting churches in the Southfields area and have had a very positive response from the churches in people who are interested in coming into the school and becoming school pastors and intend within the next few weeks to invite them to come into the school with us and experience the work first hand. This is very much in line with the vision from the beginning as we presently go into the school one day a week when it was hoped that we could go in for two.
We had a chance to speak to Larry Davis the deputy head who commended us on our work and commented on how we have become a welcome presence in the school.
Over the past few week our parent body Ascension trust has been corresponding with the school as to how we can get the students involved with us and we are now very close to doing that. The formal paperwork has been done and we hope to implement this all in the not too distant future.
Overall it was a very positive morning and the team left very much encouraged by all that we have seen and achieved over this last year and hope that greater things are yet to come.

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