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Balham Patrol 13/03/2015.

IMG_20150313_235438The Balham team met at 9pm at the church on Ramsden road to begin their patrol. It was a pleasure to be greeted by Chris Raiash and David Wilson who joined us for the first time in a little while. We had hoped to make an earlier start in order to finish earlier but this did not quite work to plan. David, Chris Rez Athelia and Wayne began the patrol at around 10.30pm.
We went to the newly refurbished Equinox bar near Bedford Hill. The new bar staff there confirmed what we already know which was Balham was very quiet with very few anti-social incidents associated with the night time economy. The management at equinox had decided to refurbish to try and attract an older clientele to appeal to an audience with more expendable income but the door staff felt that it was the more peaceful of their work assignments.
We were pleased to have made contact with the door staff at this venue as we have found this very difficult to approach them in the past. This was the first time we had a friendly response in recent years.
The Bedford pub was quieter than usual and the door staff were as friendly as usual. One young man who had come for the Salsa night engaged with us and commended us on our work. We spent some time at the Larch Close estate where an elderly Rastafarian gentleman was concerned we would try to mug him. We shared a joke and he was on his way.
It was a surprisingly bitterly cold that evening and the strong wind made it difficult to patrol. We met an Italian gentleman with poor English who was looking for a police station. We could not think of a nearby station that would have been open at 11.30pm which was walking distance from Balham Hill so we were unable to really help him, He had lost his documents and was at a loss as to what to do. We directed him to the police station on the south circular near Clapham South Station but we were unsure if it would be open.
We spent time at Francis Xavier Six Form College as we would still like to start an earlier patrol in the Clapham areas to deal with the problems associated with the students leaving the college. The College still seem reluctant to speak to us.
By the time we arrived at Clapham South Train Station the staff were just about to close up so we were a little late in arriving. We spent a short time there and decided to call it a night.
Another quiet night in Balham but a worthwhile outing all the same and it was great to see David and Chris out on patrol after an extended break.

We collected 4 Bottles of the streets of Balham. One of which was shattered on the pavement.

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