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Southfields Academy 16/3/2105

IMG_20150316_114121Fosuah, Athelia and Wayne went into the academy this Monday to continue our schools-work. Trafffic and the weather made traveling and patrolling difficult but we were able to get to the academy on time and do some effective work. We were met by our regular schools representatives from the anti-bullying club. There was an incident last week where Wayne met a young man who reported and incident of bullying which occurs between a group of students from the academy on the bus as they travel home. Unfortunately this information was only shared late in the break time and the student who mentioned it had to leave to go to his lesson. Wayne tried to find this student but was unsuccessful. The Students were busy preparing for exams and the school seemed subdued. Fosuah spoke to a young lady who had a set of cards with her to help her prepare for her exams. Her next lesson was to cover the subject of bullying. It was good to know that the school even included the subject in their curriculum as well as had a working policy in place. Athelia spoke to some girls as part of her rounds promoting the anti-bullying club.
The morning was a good one and we look forward to the next week, our last visit before the Easter break.

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