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Southfields Academy Visit 23rd March 2015.

IMG_20150323_114105The Team met at the Academy at 10:20. Athelia and Wayne were joined by Veronica who was returning after an extended break due to ill health. The Academy was quieter than usual due to the fact that many student were sitting mock exams and that it was the last week of term meaning that Students and teachers alike were rather weary.
Wayne observed some students showing their skills at a 5 tier Rubiks cube. He had never seen one before, the students were not keen to engage with the street pastors but it was interesting to observe this group who formed a tight clique.
Athelia was busy with some girls from Pakistan and Veronica fitted into her old pattern just as though she was never away for any length of time.
All in all it was a subdued morning as we feel we have earned a well-deserved break for Easter.

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