IMG_20150420_112940The morning started very cold and sunny but it warmed up as the morning went on. Athelia, Veronica and Wayne were present in the school at 10:30 for the start of the morning break. The Students were busy preparing for exams and seemed reluctant to engage with us, the whole mood of the school seemed subdued. Wayne spoke to a young man who was a member of the anti-bullying club who was with a friend who was also a member whom we had not met yet. He was encouraged to make himself known to the Street Pastors next Monday when we come in. Athelia and Veronica were busy engaging with the students and finding out about their future aspirations. As always they were happy to discover that the students were very ambitious and were working hard at their studies.
Mr Davis, the Deputy head of the School and the teacher responsible for us moving from patrolling outside of the school to coming into the school shared with us the news that he is now the Father of a new-born baby boy named Isaac and was keen schedule a time with us to talk about how we are going to go forward with the plans to have students of the school patrol with us.
Another positive morning and we look forward to future developments.