IMG_20150427_140254Athelia, Veronica Victoria and Wayne went into the Academy for 10.30 morning break on Monday. Again the morning was cold despite the sunshine but we were soon out there communicating with the students.
Because it is now exam time many students were using the break time to revise for their exams and to test each other some were not keen to talk but after a while they were at ease with us. One young man made known to us that he was related to a family known to us through our local churches.
The Students we shared with had very high ambitions as we have noticed form previous encounters and we were keen to encourage them in their studies.
There is an area of the school where we had observed in the past that the students tend to congregate and often there is some ill behaviour in this area, mainly outburst of a physical nature. We do not see this as much anymore and we were told that the school has taken action to see to this.
Though there is some shyness and reticence towards us we feel that the students as a whole are much more at ease with than they were when we started our work in September and we hope that this will continue to be the case in the new school year.
Mr Davis, The deputy head of the school who was responsible for us coming into the school was not present this week but we wish him well and congratulate him on the birth of his son Isaac and look forward to discussing with him the way forward on his return.