IMG_20150511_132712Athelia, Veronica and Wayne went into Southfields Academy today. It was a bright sunny morning and the students seemed to be enjoying the weather. Many of the students were preparing for some very serious exams so again the atmosphere in the school was subdued. Athelia was again keen to engage with some students who were keen to share their ambitions with her. It was good to see that the students have a very clear idea of what the vocations they wished to pursue.
We learned of two cases of bullying which we hope to follow up on. One seemed a very serious case in which a young man who has down-syndrome was scared to come out into the playground and has to rush home from school every evening to avoid the bullies. The other case was young lady who had suffered name calling as well as physical bullying. We advised her to report this to her teachers and to also have her friends back her up by giving their testimony to what they witnessed.
We felt it was another positive morning and we were glad to be welcomed into the school.