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Southfields Academy 18/05/2015.

Veronica hard at work.

Veronica hard at work.

The morning started looking very promising. Though it was overcast it was expected that the weather would clear as the morning wore on. It continued to rain throughout the morning and London Transport seemed to suffer from the conditions also. The team Started a little late, the team consisted of Athelia, Veronica, Victoria and Wayne.
As we mingled among the students in the sheltered areas of the school play area we discovered unlike before that the students were more open to us about their experience of bullying. A number of Students reported that they had experienced bullying, the majority of which were students who had come to study in this county recently. Two of which said that they were of strong mind and simply focussed on the goal of their studies in order to overcome the difficulties. We counselled them of the long term stigma of being bullied and the fact that the bullying had to be reported in order to be dealt with.
There were other cases where we were told by some students other students who had been bullied that we were able to report. The case which we were due to follow up from the previous week we had learned had been dealt with.
Mr Davis was keen to share with us that the input we had with the school’s anti bullying policy had lead them to include sections on cyber bullying and disability discrimination that were not in the schools original document of this nature which admittedly was written 15 years ago.
It was a very positive morning for us and one for us where we can more readily appreciate the value of our work. We are working hard to expand the team and hope that the positive start we have made here can be duplicated in and around other schools in the borough.

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