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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Visit to Southfields and the Initiation of PaCT.

The team arrived on a Sunny morning on the first day of Wimbledon Tennis tournament. Because of the increase in traffic due to the tennis it was a little difficult traveling towards the school. Wayne had to arrive early to sign off the PaCT agreement. Larry Davis the Deputy head of the school had a […]

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Southfields Academy 22nd June 2015.

The weather was changeable this morning as it seemed sunny when we arrived at the school. It was bright and sunny when we arrived but overcast and drizzling when we started our patrol in the playground. The Students were very friendly and Victoria and Veronica were continually busy with students calling for their attention and […]

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Southfields Academy 15/06/15.

It was a sunny morning but nit a very warm one. A team of five met the Academy this morning Carolyn, Victoria, Veronica Athelia and Wayne. Wayne was referred a student who was suffering from bereavement but he was not in school that morning, Wayne hopes to catch up with him next week, Wayne also […]

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Balham Patrol 6th June 2015.

There were an intended Seven Street Pastors due to patrol but long weeks, tiredness and outbursts of rain cut our numbers down to four. Carolyn, Rez, Felicity and Wayne hit the streets of Balham just before 10pm on Friday to find that the street were more lively than last month but still relatively quiet. As […]

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Southfields Academy visit 8/06/2015.

This morning we were privileged to be joined by Carolyn Holland. Carolyn is a returning Street Pastor from the early days of Wandsworth Street Pastors who has been living in Portsmouth. Since her return to Wandsworth she has been actively seeking to become involved once again and will be joining us not only in Southfields […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 1/06/2015.

The Morning seemed as though it would be a very warm one as we made our way to Southfields but it was windy and a little chilly by the time we started our patrol. The year 11’s were now in the thick of their exams so the year 10’s and below were jostling for position […]

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