DSC_0001It was great to be back in Southfields Academy for the new Academic year on a very bright and sunny September morning. Athelia, Veronica and Wayne entered the school after the summer break eager to build on the good foundation started last year.
With the new intake of students there was some apprehension as the new children settled in to the new environment. The team was keen to get alongside these new students and make them feel at home. Athelia was keen to share her advice to the children about bullying and Veronica managed to identify a young girl who had experienced bullying and offer support in this area. Wayne was keen to build relationships with the young men in the school of Afro Caribbean background as it was felt that this was a neglected area in our work. Sometimes the students who fall within this demographic are the least keen to engage with us so a special effort was made in this area. The students were keen to ask questions about gang involvement and it was clear this was an issue to them as well as the issue of knife crime. Wayne pointed out to the students that someone was more likely to get stabbed with a knife if you carried one than if you did not. This led to a good discussion and a basis for further discussions.
All in all it was good to be back and clear that the team were in a strong position to build on the good work they had begun the year before.
Greater things are yet to come.