Autumn had arrived as we went into the Academy this morning. It was overcast and drizzling as we arrived. Athelia, Veronica and Wayne were present in the school advising the students about the damaging effects of bullying. It was interesting to learn as we saw on our televisions this morning that 50% of students in school experience bullying and 30% of adults are affected by bullyDSC_0004ing in later life. Veronica and Atheila were keen to speak to students about the damaging effects and to give advice as to how to handle the bullying if it occurs. It is always good to observe that there is very little bullying in Southfields Academy but we want to stamp it out if or when it happens.
Wayne was keen to speak to some of the student he spoke to last week but they seemed preoccupied with party invitations that one young girl were passing out.
All in all it was a quieter morning than last week, possibly dampened by the weather but a good one all the same.