DSC_0001This morning we met with Larry Davis and Daniel Stone from Ascension Trust to sign the agreement to launch our PaCT project. Larry was keen to update us on a scheme the school was launching on its own called The EDGE scheme which encourages the children to develop skills not often taught in schools but are those that employees are looking for such as Flexibility, Problem Solving, Assessing, selecting and analysing information, Writing skills, Oral presentation and Communication Skills, Technology Literacy as well as Optimism and emotional intelligence. Larry Davis was keen to marry the schools scheme and PaCT together to encourage the children to engage in activities outside of the school curriculum to help develop life skills.
We were keen to see the link between the two and now that the agreement has been signed we will be conducting some assembly’s in the school to let the students know that the door is open to them.
On Friday the 25th the School will be hosting its annual Harvest Festival and we hope to have a team of School Pastors there to help to marshal the school children between the school and the nearby St Barnabus Church.
The business of the meeting left us little time to patrol the school playground but we did the best we could in the time restraints. Victoria, who was returning from her holiday, spoke with some international students, one of which had the same name as her, she gave them advice on their studies and encouraged them in their pursuit of good grades.
Athelia was keen once again to share her message of avoiding bullies which was well received.
It was another good morning and we are pleased that we can soon launch the PaCT project. We are also please how it fits with the schools own EDGE project and we will be happy to see both schemes develop together side by side.
We are about to engage on a very busy schedule with the Harvest festival as well as doing assembly’s to launch the PaCT project which calls for alot of early morning activity.
Hopefully soon I will report on many of the good things that have come about from our endevours.