It was an early start for us on Friday the 25th as Athelia, Victoria and Wayne arrived in Southfields Academy on Friday morning at 8am. The School was involved in a Harvest Festival at nearby St Barnabus Church. Rev Ian Tattum presided over the service speaking on the origins of Harvest and the importance of sharing and doing well by our fellow man. The Students contributed with songs and poems. Street PDSC_00021astors were on hand to help guide the students across the road as they walked from the school to the Church. It was also a good time to strengthen our relations with the Academy.
Monday morning saw us back in the school for our usual Schools Patrol Veronica was on hand to join the team as the four of us commenced the patrol of at 10:30. Veronica was keen to talk to some students who spoke of their past experiences of being bullied. Athelia and Victoria also had good conversations with some Latin American students who had experienced antagonism because of their differences. Victoria was keen to stress to them their rights to and education as much so as their antagonists. Athelia was impressed to see that the studenDSC_0008ts she spoke to have a very good idea of how to respond to bullying.
Wayne continued to pursue the Afro Caribbean young men who were not too keen to communicate last week but they were a bit more amenable this week. Good relations may well develop amongst this group in time.
Again it was a good morning for us and we hope to develop our work as we go forward with the PaCT programme and the Schools own Edge programme that was spoken about last week.