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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Southfields Academy 19th October 2015.

This Monday morning we were grateful for Victoria who was the only member of the team who made it to the school. Athelia had a medical appointment and Wayne had a bad cold that morning. Veronica had already given us notice that she had a baby sitting assignment that morning. We are very thankful for […]

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Southfields Academy 12th October 2015.

We began our patrol of Southfields with the knowledge that we were unable to begin the PaCT Scheme as planned. The date we had set did not fit with the school so we have put the date back to November to give us more time for the idea to grow among the students. Due to […]

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Southfields Academy 5/10/2015.

It was a busy, rainy morning when we entered the academy. We experienced transport problems getting in but Victoria, Veronica, Atheila and Wayne were present in the school to hand out leaflets and to promote the PaCT project that we are launching very soon. The project helps to promote a culture of students looking out […]

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