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Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Project at Southfields.

The team met at 10:30 in the school to begin the second half of the term. This half of the term is a short one but it will be packed with a lot of activity which demanding for us but we trust for the energy to be able to meet the demands of the […]

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Balham and Tooting Patrol.

The Balham team were out in number tonight. It was the first night we were able to get out in two months and it was a credit to those who would volunteer to come out on a bitterly cold winter night. Athelia, Victoria, Felicity, Rez David and Wayne were out in Balham tonight. We did […]

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Half way point at Southfields.

The team had to brace themselves this morning as a cold wind blew on an otherwise bright Monday morning. Veronica could not join us this morning but we had some very positive conversations with as many students as we could. The Students were not too keen to brave the cold as the wind was very […]

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Southfields Academy 2nd February 2016.

It was a bright but windy morning as we entered Southfields Academy this morning. We were all on time to greet the students as they began their morning break. Wayne and Veronica spoke to a group of boys who were in good spirits. There was one young boy who sparked concern as he spoke about […]

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