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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Southfield Academy Visit 21st March and Peer Mediation training.

Southfields Academy was kind enough to offer the team Peer mediation Training, which is a way method of resolving conflicts in a school situation (It can be applied to other contexts), as n addition to the work we already do. Three of the team attended and we found the training a great asset to our […]

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Southfields Academy 14th March 2016.

It was sunny but very cold as we began our patrol of the playground. Many of students opted to stay inside the dining area instead of venturing out into the playground. Athelia, Victoria, Veronica and Wayne were present today as we ventured out into the cold. Wayne and Athelia had conversations with some international students. […]

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Street Pastors Patrol 11/03/2016.

A team of four met at Balham Baptist church at 10pm to begin their patrol at 11. Athelia, Rez Victoria and Wayne began to patrol Balham and immediately ran into Aron who was drinking outside the moon under water on Balham High road. H=He was keen to share his own religious experience despite his inebriated […]

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Tougher morning at Southfields

We met at the Academy to patrol the playground and all had groups who engaged us. Athelia had a group who were of Somalian origin. They were more interested in communicating in their own language than they were in English. Wayne had a group who were studying hard preparing to do a 2,000 word essay […]

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Southfields Academy visit 29th February 2016.

The team met a usual to patrol the playground. The weather was warmer so the students were a bit more talkative. Wayne and Athelia engaged some boys who were doing some last minute Spanish homework and Wayne was able to help with the Southfields Academy visit 29th February 2016. little Spanish he remembered from his […]

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