We were back at the Academy on a very sunny day after a week’s break DSC_0006due to half term. It seems as though the good weather held back to give us a rainy bank holiday.

As we went into the play area the students were mainly concentrating on their upcoming exams. It was good to see so many focussed on the task in hand.

We met one young man who we had seen a lot of in Satellite who was pleased to be out and this was evident by the big smile on his face, we encouraged him to keep it up.

As we moved into satellite it was not good news for the student ‘D’ that we spoke about two weeks ago. We learned that the Academy are aware of his problems but we also learned that his mother had suffered in a hit and run car accident. She is in intensive care and this is obviously a strain on a young mind and heart. We offered our sympathy for the young man’s mother and he seemed a lot more open to talk that he was two weeks ago.

Other than this young man there was a young lady in the satellite who was disinterested in everything. She seemed to have little interest in school and had very little motivation for school or home life. It made us aware of the value of education and how difficult it is to understand this for some of our young people.

It was good to be back in the school after the break but it was not long before we were reminded of the challenges we face in our work.