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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Southfields Academy Visit 31st October 2016.

It was a sunny morning when we entered the academy. Athelia and Wayne were the only Street Pastors present as Victoria had left for a holiday and Veronica is still resting by order of her Doctor. Veronica also informed us that she has to undergo a minor operation so probably will not be able to […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 17th October 2016.

Travelling to and from the Academy was tricky this morning due to problems with the transport system but this did not deter us in our work. As we went into the playground we found that there is a growing core of students keen to approach us even if it was just to say hello. Due […]

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Southfields Academy 10th October 2016.

The morning was cold but sunny as we entered the Academy but the weather soon warmed up. Victoria and Athelia arrived earlier and Wayne arrived later. We are finding that there is a growing core of Students who are keen to engage with us and we all found ourselves engaged in conversations. Victoria engaged with […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 3rd October 2016.

It was bright and sunny as we made our way to the Academy but bitterly cold. We were glad that the temperature rose to a comfortable level by the time the students were in the playground. Victoria was first to arrive followed by Athelia and Wayne. The playground was busy with mixed receptions from the […]

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