It was bright and sunny as we made our way to the Academy but bitterly cold. We were glad that the temperature rose to a comfortable level by the time the students were in the playground. Victoria was first to arrive followed by Athelia and Wayne. The playground DSC_0003was busy with mixed receptions from the students. Many of the home grown were not keen to speak to us as per usual but the students from overseas were receptive. It is always a joy to see these students and to talk to them about their aspirations and to encourage them in any way we can. We feel this is one of the reasons why the school has been successful in the exam passes over the last academic year.

As we moved into the satellite we saw a number of new faces. Athelia had a young who was not your usual candidate but had done something silly on the spur of the moment. He was repentant and we are sure we will not see him in satellite again. Wayne spoke to a young Somalian boy who was most ambitious and inquisitive about working life. In the allotted time Wayne answered as many of his questions as he could and promised to continue the conversation in future weeks. Victoria had a young man who was not interested in speaking but the two of them being of Nigerian decent she soon broke the ice and imprinted her wisdom in her own special way.

We are continually encouraged by the development of our work in the academy and are thankful for the opportunity to share in any way that we can to make the students’ lives as successful and possible.