The mDSC_0002 (4)orning was cold but sunny as we entered the Academy but the weather soon warmed up. Victoria and Athelia arrived earlier and Wayne arrived later. We are finding that there is a growing core of Students who are keen to engage with us and we all found ourselves engaged in conversations. Victoria engaged with some students from Ghana and talked to them until he troat was sore. Wayne spoke to the young man who he spoke to last week in satellite. He was in good spirits and was keen to speak. We were concerned about a young man we met in satellite last academic year who was being picked on because of an issue with his speaking voice. He reported that things were better for him.

As we moved into the satellite there were three students. There was a young lady who Athelia and Victoria spoke to and Wayne met a young man who gave him a basketball lesson last academic year. Al of the students had different issues and we were at hand to offer the best advice we could.

For us it was another positive morning and one in which we felt was at a very positive stage in comparison to where we were at this time in previous years.