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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Southfields Academy Visit 28th November 2016.

It was a beautiful bright blue sky morning but there was a chill in the air as we had into winter. Atheila and Wayne were in the Academy and got down to work straight away talking to the students. Athelia got stuck in with some Student from Thailand who were new to the school. The […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 21st November 2016.

It was a cold and wet November morning as we entered the Academy. Christmas was on the minds of many of the students as well as avoiding the wet weather. The table tennis tables that were usually always busy were vacant. Athelia and Wayne started the day catching up with Mr Davis who told us […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 14th November 2016.

It was an overcast and drizzly morning as we entered the Academy. We had a late start due to oversleeping and an accident on the road in Central Wandsworth so we were a little late entering the Academy but we wasted no time in getting down to work. The Students were a little shy at […]

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Southfields Remembrance Day Service 10th November 2016.

It was a bright early start for Athelia and Wayne as we joined the Academy We joined with students and teachers from the school, The Mayor of Wandsworth y for the second time this week to mark their Remembrance Day service. The local army Volunteers and Reverend Ian Tattum of St Barnabus Church in Southfields […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 7th November 2016.

It was definitely a forerunner for a cold winter as the morning was very cold but it did warm up as the sun came out at around 10.30am. The students were in quite hyperactive mood as they struggled to stay warm. Athelia and Wayne were out there making links with the students as they were […]

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