Athelia and Wayne were busy on Thursday night attending the scDSC_0006dents in the academy and it was a good lead to get make contact with them as we entered the Academy this morning. Many of the students who performed were keen to greet us. There was one young lady who came to greet Athelia to tell her friends that this was the lady who got her out of trouble. It was again good to hear that our work is appreciated not just by those who see our work in the schools but by those who are our target audience.

The whole morning was very positive with many students approaching us on a day which started out bitterly cold but soon warmed us as the sun came out. The mood in the playground was good with alot of anticipation for the Christmas break.

As we moved into the satellite we were surprised to see quite a number of Students. This was part of a strategy by the staff to keep the students on their toes. There was not much work to be done but to encourage them to try harder.

All in all it was a very encouraging morning as we head into the Christmas break with one more visit before we split.