Athelia was able to attend a Peer Mediation follow up meeting on Thursday the 8th of this month. She was able to sharIMG_0120e about the work we do and show how we were able to implement the training we received in this area.

We hope to follow this up in the New Year and to take it further.

As we went into the school the mood was very different and everyone seemed expectant of the Christmas break. It was colder than in previous weeks and many of the students were not keen to venture out into the playground but Athelia and Wayne were keen to make conversations with those who did. It was a pleasant an productive morning and we enjoyed it despite the cold.

As we progressed into the Satellite we found a number of new faces and one old one. Generally there has been less students in Satellite than this time last year we were told by one of the head teachers and we hope that our work has contributed to that in some way.

We now have a well-deserved break for three weeks and are looking forward to the rest. We hope you all have a blessed Christmas and look forward to sharing more of our work with you in 2017.