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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Southfields Academy 30th January 2017

The team were a bit subdued this morning as both Wayne and Athelia were suffering with the flu. We arrived with Victoria on a cold and overcast morning and immediately came across a young lady who wanted to speak to Mr Davis. As he was busy Athelia and Victoria spoke to her and helped to […]

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Southfields Academy 23rd January 2017.

It was cold and very foggy morning as Victoria, Athelia and Wayne entered the Academy. After a quick cup of coffee we set to work. The students were somewhat muted but much more open that last week. Many of our old friends were keen to meet and greet us. It almost feel as though we […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 17th January 2017.

It was cold and raining heavily as Victoria and Wayne entered the Academy five minutes before the morning break started. The students were in muted mood almost as though they had forgotten us. But we saw some familiar faces who were pleased to see us. Vitoria and Wayne spoke to one young lady who was […]

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Street Pastors Patrol of Tooting Broadway 13th January 2017.

It was the first time in Six months that we were able to meet as a Street Pastors team to patrol Tooting and the team were full of enthusiasm to get out onto the streets despite the bitter cold. Victoria, Rez Felicity and Wayne were patrolling that evening and we arrived in Tooting a little […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 9th January 2017.

Our first visit to the Academy Saw the return of Victoria to the team but Athelia and Wayne had their visit curtailed by the tube strike. Victoria heroically struggled in and represented the team. She spoke to three young men.¬†Between them, they wore badges for the Southfields Academy Book Club; 95 per cent presence and […]

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