It was good to be back after the half term break as spring looked as though it was on tis way. The Sun was shining as we entered the Academy. The good weather had the Students in a joyful mood and they were much more open to speak than they weDSC_0003re before half term. Wayne, Athelia and Victoria were keen to share with many students. We were approached by many students who we had spoken to before in the playground and in satellite,. All seemed pleased to see us.

As we moved into Satellite we saw two six formers who had a disagreement between them. As the teachers were speaking to them we did not get involved but there were others who had quite a lengthy stay in Satellite for offences that could have been very serious. We did our best to encourage these students to think about their actions and to focus on doing right.

It was a difficult morning for various reasons to do with the team outside of our work in the school which we hope to resolve but the team were very much focussed on the task and did a good mornings work.