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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Southfields Academy 27th March 2017.

Signs of spring were clearly visible on our previous visits to the Academy, but today was the first real burst of spring, not the phantom we had witnessed before. Athelia, Victoria and Wayne set to work speaking with students. Victoria and Athelia spoke to groups of friends who were a mixture of stand offish and […]

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Southfields Academy Visit 20th March 2017.

This was more like a typical spring day for us with moderate temperatures that seemed a lot colder due to the overcast weather and strong winds. The students seemed a bit hyper today but this did not deter us from our work. Athelia and Victoria were keen to crack on talking to the students. Athelia […]

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Southfields Academy visit 13th March 2017.

We were greeted by warm weather as we entered the academy. The Students were in good spirits and many were keen to engage with us. They shared about their ambitions and we had many conversations. It was the warmest day in the year so far and we hope for many more like this. As we […]

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Friday Night Patrol 10th March 2017.

Victoria, David and Wayne met on a very mild evening to patrol in Balham and Tooting. We had received word that there was a very violent sexual attack on an elderly lady in The Balham area so we went to the reported location to pray. We were surprised that the location was a very open […]

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Southfields Academy Visit. 6th March 2017.

The Sun was out on a moderately warm day this morning as we entered the Academy. The team arrived in good time and got down to work. The School playground was not as busy as we expected. The sun was out but it was breezy and the breeze kept some of the students inside. We […]

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