The Sun was out on a moderately warm day this morning as we entered the Academy. The team arrived in good time and got down to work. The School playgrounDSC_0011d was not as busy as we expected. The sun was out but it was breezy and the breeze kept some of the students inside.

We met and old friend of ours who we met about four weeks ago called ‘J’ He was very cold as he had recently come to the country from Uganda and was not acclimatised to the weather. He seemed much more comfortable today and it was good to see. We were greeted by alot of students we had met before and it was a very productive morning.

The Academies Satellite was very busy, mainly for minor offences but there were a few serious cases. Our old friend ‘D’ was there. We feel we may have seen him today for the last time as he is about to be moved to another school. It was sad to see him as we feel that we have worked hard to help him but it made us realise that there are cases we cannot always solve.

We were surprised to learn that we have only three more weeks before we begin the Easter break. As we progress through the term we find that the Students open up to us more and today we evident of that trend.