This was more like a typical spring day for us with moderate temperatures that seemed a lot colder due to the overcast weather and strong winds. The students seemed a bit hyper today but this did not deter us from our work. Athelia and Victoria were keen to crack on talking to the students.

Athelia had a conversation with some boys who shared their ambitions which is always a joy to see how many of the students want to achieve.

Victoria was also keen to get to work also and had many good conversations.

Wayne had to speak to Mr Davis about a relationship which he built up with one student where the student had made contact via mobile phone messaging system with Wayne and it was felt that the Academy had to be made aware of this to make sure we operated within the guidelines of the institution. All seemed to go well.

There were still tensions within the team because of events that had happened in the past weeks and despite attempts to resolve these issues it was clear that much time will be needed to heal some very open wounds. We hope we can move forward from this and continue to grow our good work.

The Satellite was inundated with students who had received too many negatives and it was not possible to speak to them all before we had to leave.

All in all it was not one of our best days but despite it all we were still able to do a good work.

Next week will be our last week before the Easter break.